About Us!

The Colorado Mormon Chorale was established in 1983, born out of a desire to proclaim the divinity and gospel of Jesus Christ through great music. We are an auditioned choir consisting of music lovers from all walks of life, operating along the Colorado Front Range Urban Corridor from Longmont to Colorado Springs.

The Chorale, singing year ’round, has presented over 600 performances! Our annual events include Christmas concerts, National Anthems for the Colorado Rockies and Colorado Avalanche, Veteran’s Day events, and the Easter oratorio Lamb of God. We love to be involved in community and interfaith events. We enjoy our relationships with community groups and other faiths, and we love the wonderful things we accomplish together!

The Chorale enjoys collaborating with other musical organizations. For example, over the years we have performed with the Boulder Chorale, Colorado Hebrew Chorale, Jefferson Symphony Orchestra, Colorado Women’s Chorale, Lakewood Symphony Orchestra, Parker Symphony Orchestra, and various children’s choruses.

Frequent free concerts enable all who listen to enjoy the Spirit that accompanies uplifting music.

Our Mission

The mission of the Colorado Saints Chorale and Orchestra (CSCO) is incorporated in the following statements of purpose:

  • Enhance public perception and understanding of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the greater Denver metropolitan and Front Range area through uplifting music and the spoken word.
  • Build goodwill toward the Church and strengthen relationships within the community by supporting the efforts of the Area Communications Councils.
  • Bless the lives and build the faith of members of the Church by expressing through music our testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel, and by providing opportunities for them to share this precious gift with their families, friends, and neighbors.  We support area Stakes in their efforts to accomplish the mission of the Church.
  • To help sustain and encourage the Church music programs established in the wards and stakes in the area by providing musical training opportunities as needed.