Chorale Season Update

1 January 2021


CSCO Virtual Rehearsal

As we round the corner to a new year, we have been reflecting on 2020, the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the impact it has had on our ability to express joy through music. It has been a difficult time for musicians! We are grateful for the technology that has allowed us to meet virtually. While we cannot sing together in person, it has been important to maintain feelings of unity and fellowship during virtual rehearsals and leadership meetings.

Our 2020-2021 Season began August 2020 and ends in June 2021. Chorale leadership has been thoughtfully and prayerfully considering our plans for the remainder of this season. We have decided to continue suspension of Chorale activities through the remainder of this season and hold only virtual meetings.

Please note that we are continuing to build our audition waiting list.  If you are interested in joining either the Chorale or the Orchestra, please consider contacting us.

We will continue to consider plans for our upcoming 2021-2022 Season and hope to post an update by early summer.

Be safe and God bless,

Lisa Comstock, President
Steven Williams, Director
Brian Thomas, Artistic Director



15 July 2020

Chorale Concert Season Update 7.15.2020






Dear Chorale friends,

When COVID-19 began emerging in the US in early 2020, Chorale leadership began paying careful attention as it spread to Colorado. With much deliberation and prayer, we suspended the remainder of our 36th season on March 11, 2020. The health and well-being of our singers and musicians, audience, and crew are of utmost importance to us.

We had been working hard on our upcoming events and were so looking forward to our Easter performances of the Lamb of God Oratorio, our interfaith participation in Colorado Religious Freedom Day at the State Capitol, and our Suicide Prevention Benefit Concert with the Arapahoe Singers of Arapahoe High School.  We have been so disappointed at having to cancel these community and faith building events!  We have missed the camaraderie of singing in rehearsals, the challenge of new pieces to learn, and the joy of making music together.

With the beginning of our 37th season approaching in early August, we knew it was time to reevaluate our suspended season. Due to the continuing pandemic and increased risk of viral transmission that occurs during singing and playing of instruments, all Chorale and Orchestra activities will remain suspended through the end of December 2020.

We had so many wonderful events scheduled for Fall and Christmas that have now been cancelled or postponed, for example: our annual Veteran’s Day concert, Giving Machines Unwrapping Ceremony at Writer’s Square, and Christmas events including our 7th Annual Christmas in Lakewood with the Lakewood Symphony Orchestra.  Adding to our disappointment is not being able to sing the national anthem for the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball Team due to their limited game schedule.  We have sung the anthem for the Rockies every year since they began playing at Coors Field in 1995!  We are sad for the interruption.

There are so many events that we were looking forward to this fall.  We know we are making the best decision, but it is still heartbreaking.

We can’t wait to be with you again.  There is simply nothing like experiencing a live performance!  Feeling the vibration of music pulsing through you, experiencing the energy of the performers and audience members, and discovering new emotional connections to the music and lyrics is all such a rewarding and memorable experience.  When we can begin singing together again, and resume our events with you all, it will be such a sweet experience and we will appreciate it all the more.

In the meantime, we are looking into virtual opportunities to stay connected and enjoy beautiful music.  We are re-vamping our YouTube channel. And don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for fun and meaningful content you can enjoy and share with your friends.

We wish you all well.  Be safe and God bless.

Lisa Comstock, President
Steven Williams, Director
Brian Thomas, Artistic Director